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You're nobody until you're talked about.

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A message from Gossip Girl...

Welcome to New York's Upper East Side where the wealthy and connected mingle at benefit brunches and try to deal with their always dramatic love lives, not to mention picking colleges. False pregnancy scares, drug over doses, disorders and addictions of every kind. Those are just some of the everyday occurrences in the lives of Manhattan's elite adolescents. The privileged -and occasionally not so privileged- few who attend St Jude's and Constance Billard's know. Know what's it like to be stabbed in the back, struggle to keep reationships in tact, and live with a constant revolving door through which people leave as quickly as they come. All while being handed almost anything they want on a silver platter. Well, except for the scholarship kids and charity cases. Not everyone can be born a trust fund baby, you know.
But the toughest of all? Total social destruction. Something the queens and kings better watch out for - it's been proved to be humiliating. Especially when everyone watches - which they do - with up to the minute news brought by your's truly. Don't worry about hiding your own petty scandals though.. You're no one until you're talked about.

You know you love me,
xoxo Gossip Girl

Game Premise
This game will be set after season one, taking place towards the end of summer and into the characters' school year. Following any plot or storyline from season two of the tv series is completely up to the individual player, with the exception of a storyline involving more than one player, in which case s/he would need the approval of every player who's character would be involved. (Ex. 2 or 3 characters breaking into a fist fight. All three players would need to agree on it before one could say it happened.)
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Information on St. Jude's School for Boys is located here.

Information on Constance Billard School for Girls is located here.

Comment this entry with your application filled out.
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The rules below are to be read before applying, and followed during the course of this game.

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All of the writers participating in gossipgirlrp_xo are not, in any way, profiting from the fictional storylines within the community. All creative rights to the characters mentioned belong to their original creator(s).
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